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Joyce Scott

October 2011

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Jess Greene will be riding Willow for Joyce, so she reviewed  and refreshed with Terry.


She got Willow’s trot nice and forward


and Joyce got the benefit at the canter.


Liz substituted Gino for Ally – he’s not used to being ridden this way, but he is sweet and tries so hard!


Gino makes a really good try at a square stop.


Tegan was in fine form, getting steadier all the time.


Here’s a lovely moment, soft and relaxed.


Robin seems to be settling down again – very calm and relaxed.


I liked the flex and resulting bend here.


It has been a while since we have seen Loyal – he’s still not easy, but he is so polished now!


I love to watch him fly.


Laura had her hands full with Echo to start


but there were quiet moments as well.


The young horse group was a chance to try out Tim & Elise’s ranch horse candidate, and Tim got more exercise than expected.


Elise really seemed to enjoy her part of the class.


Ground work seems to be key for Alice and Jackson


Alice & friend


Adelheid and Whisper in young horse class


I love watching these two float by.


Wendy and Fendi, a New Forest Pony/Oldenburg cross, were first timers.


Wendy’s classical training really showed, but her willingness to try Terry’s ideas was refreshing and seemed effective for Fendi.


Day 2 Loyal was more settled and started with some excellent shoulder-in work.


Working on a lead change to the right –


and one to the left, but too fast for my camera?


Tegan  and Abby did even better day 2 – nice moment.


Laura rode Echo and her attitude in a shared lesson with


Adelheid and Whisper, who had a little less feistiness on day two.


Liz shared a lesson while rehabbing Ally with


Abby on her mature gelding Penny Wise


Elise and Robin’s leg yield work made that rocking horse canter even better.


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