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About the Scotts

J. Campbell Scott is employed at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California. He continues to do research and participate in the Physical Sciences community. He spends what spare time he has Windsurfing, playing squash and golf, and camping around California and beyond.

Joyce D. Scott is now very actively retired, working on her golf game, riding her horse, taking action photographs, volunteering, creating and maintaining the occasional web site, writing, and looking for new things to challenge her mind and body.

Tobermory (Toby) Scott (AKA Smudge) is our unfolded Scottish Fold cat. He rules us and considers every object in the house his own personal plaything. He is an amazing personality and provides us with hours of amusement.

Wee Willow is our equine pet. He is a Connemara pony cross so his heritage is Irish. He is petite, like his rider, at 14.1hh and rides trails and works at Dressage with Joyce.

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Our Web Site gives us the opportunity to communicate with friends and family and share events and activities.

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