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Joyce Scott

March 2011

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott and Sherri Harvey

Charlotte was back with Pirus


Pirus seems to be getting more and more out of Terry's methods


Their enjoyment and relaxation is obvious here


A new format: Intermediate Dressage Group


Joyce & Willow work on lead and under saddle getting flexion


Lisa and Gino found it works best when they both do the exercise


Stretching and relaxation are the main focus here in preparing for mounted dressage work


The under saddle work reinforced and extended the lesson


Liz and Ally worked hard on backing with this deep stretch


Ally was in fine form!


Melissa was new to the clinic


She showed a lovely seat and a beautiful partner


Here's Abby in another new format: Young Horse Group


In any format, Whisper can be a handful, but the ground work really does its job


Alice and Jackson are much more settled now


It is really fun watching a growing connection between them


Sara and Mocha are also pretty new together


and I see a lot of smiling - so I know it is going well


I certainly looks like the ground work readied Whisper for this saddle work


Abby and Tegan get some individual attention in the group format


On day 2 Whisper shows athleticism and flexibility


Jackson always looks peaceful and Alice seems to be having fun


Liz and Ally get down to some shoulder-in and look great


At lunch time NCEFT shows off some of their talented residents


and provides entertainment - could he be any cuter?


In Abby's private lesson, Terry tries Tegan


and Abby gets down to work


Corie got to ride with us again on her new found friend


a dainty little Clydesdale! He's beautiful!


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