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Joyce Scott

August 2015

Photography by Joyce Scott

and Jana Marquardt

Adeheid and Whisper warming up


for a BIG trot


Devon is really huge now


with an attitude to match


Meanwhile, Teddy finds cute exhausting


Sometimes learning is a collaboration for Jennifer and Mana


I love the intensity of Jennifer’s concentration


Domino is patient during this exercise and Rick is really flexible!


Domino gets softer and rounder and more forward each clinic


Elise and Robin are a favorite to watch.


He has turned into an amazing mount for Elise with all her hard work paying off


Don’t let anyone tell you this exercise is easy


Nor is posting bareback – good work Rick and Badger


Ally and Liz’s faces say it all – I’ve never seen them so happy together!


and look at that canter


Terry checked out Prime for Ann – looking for that key to soft


While Peter worked on flexion with a newly sleek Seeker


Ann works on getting the softness herself with Prime


with really good results


Peter and Seeker are so well matched they make a great picture


Liz looking for all the right buttons on Loro


This big boy is fun to watch


I love Whisper’s expression here – and Adelheid’s concentration


Adelheid and Whisper – flexion rules


It’s not a snap to mount even a short horse from the ground


but it can be done – good job Rick and Domino


Devon and Elise – he is stunning


and Elise has made a great start with him


Jennifer and Mana – more bend!


Mana, I love the length of stride here


Iga and Foxy working on more soft


Clarification is needed


Joyce and Willow - Total concentration


Not big, but getting better at the trot


Another beautiful portrait of Robin and Elise


Definitely the biggest trot of the day


Teddy - no caption required


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