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Joyce Scott

August 2012

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Romi and Terry working on relaxation with Corado


Seems like it was everyone’s day for canter, so Liz and Claire had their turn – and the ground shook a bit


Jana was so happy to be able to ride – no school!


Jana and Liz together looking for that perfect angle


I’m thinking Adelheid was working on getting those feet organized to canter here


Lesley and Beijing working with that all-important flexion


Liz and Ally at nearly the stretchiest part of canter


And then almost at the most coiled


Robin took a lot of convincing to yield to pressure


even more pressure didn’t quite do it


actually I think it was Elise’s body English that finally did it!


Robin seemed to have some definite opinions under saddle as well


Terry demonstrates relaxation and response with Buddy


Romy worked with her beautiful mare Zoe


Chris brought Buddy back for the young/green horse group


Beijing is so relaxed he’s considering rolling in that nice soft stuff


Donia is growing so fast and seems pretty unflappable now


Romi’s patience is working and it is wonderful to see Corado letting down


It was fun to watch Terry check out Birgit’s big girl Claire


Liz and Ally did lots of canter work – the reach Ally is showing here is impressive


Birgit did some amazing and brave canter on Claire


It’s hard to get pictures of collection and lengthening, but Liz and Ally do look amazing


Adelheid and Whisper continue to be among the most photogenic at the clinic


I promise – the camera IS horizontal here


I did say this was a canter clinic and Whisper had some impressive moments


Nancy got to ride Binky this clinic


Binky seems to make anyone who rides him happy!


Lesley did a lot of suppling with Beijing


And the results were clear in the freedom in his gaits


Robin continued to need some help to connect with Elise and Terry the second day


He eventually checked in while we wondered if his itchy shedding hair might be causing some of his distraction


Joyce and Willow made their debut in the new Revere saddle which of course called for a new pad


Jana and Nancy shared the job of getting some pictures – still none with my mouth closed and my eyes open, but we’ll work on that


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