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Joyce Scott

June 2012

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott and Jana Marquardt

With lots of flexing, Liz has started to see a bit of suspension in Clair’s trot


Talk about jump – this mare is huge!


With Adelheid, the theme continued to be flexion & counter flexion


Whisper is not entirely sure about this


This is our first look at Beijing, AKA GingerB, a beautiful Dutch WarmbloodXLusitano – what a combination!


He’s not just a pretty face either – what a nice mind.


Ally was amazingly focused with a big Clydesdale playing in the water in the outdoor arena


Counter flexion was the theme for Ally too – with really great results


Elise and Robin are making great progress


They even showed us some collection and lengthening work


In the group lesson rolling was encouraged and Beijing took the opportunity with great enjoyment


Ooh, look at that handsome horse


Chris Swan did some ground work with Buddy


And went on to mounted exercises – she seems to be having fun


Devon: “Hey, watch where you put that thing!”


Lisa got to play with our favorite big puppy, Binki


On day two Lesley and Beijing continued looking for softness


With some really nice results


Nancy was able to join us to ride Binki this clinic for some yoga on horseback


and Binki did good work for her as usual


Jana got some shots of Willow – mostly with my eyes shut and my mouth open


Willow expressed some very strong opinions during this ride


but he made a really good effort at haunches-in


Day two Ally sported her gorgeous new saddle pad –hey Lesley I want one just like that!


I never quite captured the jump, but here I got some of the reach in this canter


DSC03590Birgit	Birgit shows that even at the walk Claire is a lot of horse


Just staying with this canter is quite an achievement


It looked like fun so Adelheid took a flying lesson on Claire


Adelheid spend more time at the walk on day two and worked some shoulder-in with Whisper


bending and more bending


Adelheid continued with canter work outside


I think Jana has Binki’s attention now


Nice canter!


Jana clearly was having fun


Tegan had many more settled, soft moments this clinic so Abby is obviously making progress with her


and we can see the talent and development


Robin seems to think Elise asked a bit too loudly for that transition


Now that looks like fun!


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