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Joyce Scott

June 2010

Photography by Joyce Scott

Abby Dawkins first clinic - she sees how her horse responds to Terry

then she gets to try it herself

But Adelheid - there's a sexy Percheron in the neighborhood!

Whisper learns to respond even while distracted

Flexibility - stepping across behind

Flexion fun...

I suppose the trot could get even bigger, but the smile couldn't

Alice & Poco, the leg yeilds are really getting there.

Finally, shoulder-in!!

Birgit gets acquainted with Terry

and her adorable mount learns about flexion.

This year we are seeing a much more relaxed Robin with Elise

The rest of us found it challenging, but Elise always posts the canter!

Joyce almost gets the posting canter

and Willow finally relaxesa little

Karen and her Lusitano are such a lovely pisture

and they discover that a little flexion goes a long way

toward a relaxed horse

and even a better trot, even in a young horse.

Lesley brought us Nina again, and worked on distraction when Ally walked away

and concentration was possible even all alone in the arena

Liz & Ally getting more deeply into the lateral moves

Schooling shoulder-in

Liz & Ally also spent some time looking for a soft stop - square will come later

Then Liz took her turn trying the posting canter!

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