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Joyce Scott

August 2011

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Charlotte was first up and I was not yet focused on the job

In fact, I had major problems with the lighting conditions all clinic!

Here’s a better effort on Liz and Ally at shoulder-in

Karen did lots of flexing with Xaleo

With good results, if a bit fuzzy on my part…

Echo has grown in to a beauty and Laura has been working on Terryizing her.

Echo floats!

Elise is trying hard not to overface Robin – but he is so talented it is tempting.

Laura Bowlby brought her Andalusian Hechicero (Hechy) for their first clinic with Terry as part of the young horse group.

New to each other and new to riding, they made amazing progress with Laura’s timing asking for softness and his responses.

Alice and Jackson have developed great trust and rapport

Not a great shot, but you can see that Adelheid is working on getting control of that inside hip and shoulder.

Fuzzy photography again (dark horse/dark arena) but you can feel the exuberance on Whisper’s part and the abandon on Adelheid’s.

Abby flexes Tegan

And I think I am seeing more “jump”!

Karen and Laura B shared their two slots – Xaleo seems very soft and pliant.

The softness really shows at the canter.

Laura Bowlby got so good at the timing of aids there’s already a big difference in Hechy’s response.

Hechy tries so hard to please – what a sweet boy!

Oops – distracted by Jake, the poster puppy for cuteness.

I really had trouble capturing images of Terry on Robin

At least Terry confirmed for Elise that Robin is very tricky!

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