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Joyce Scott

August 2010

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Adelheid gets Whisper's shoulder and respect first

and it makes the saddle work so much easier!

Lots of progress and the new saddle is a huge success

Of course it never hurts to get a little close-up help from Terry.

Karen brought along her new project, Zangao, a Lusitano stallion.

Terry worked on some mouthiness and respect issues, but he was very well behaved!

then Karen got to try out some new tools with Zangao

We also got to see some lovely progress with Xaleo in flexion

and with relaxation and stretching.

resulting in some gorgeous trot work.

Terry worked with Tegan on softness from the ground close up

Then Abby tried it on the longe

and from the saddle

and seemed to really enjoy learning a new approach.

Lesley had a rough week, but Nina showed us some nice suppling work.

and then went on to this amazing trot!

Corey and her DWB Overture (Bert) participated in their first clinic with Terry

It was fun to see the relaxation Corie got so quickly.

Lisa Frey intorduced Gino to Terry

and began their journey learning new ways to communicate

Liz and Ally work at the leg yeild on the wall

and shoulder-in

Ally can canter and flex

and really reaches out with those front legs

Canter and even more flexion

Liz also mastered the posting canter

Elise and Robin continue to amaze us with their progress.

Robin bends willinglly

stretches happily

and seems so much happier - and shows us a nice stop.

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