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Joyce Scott

April 2014

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Rio’s first Terry clinic!

Tanya looks all of the proud new owner and Rio takes it in stride.

Liz and Ally did lots of flexion. In…

and out

Rick and Badger were new to these clinics. Rick learned to post and sit the trot

Badger learned to put a little more forward into his gaits

What? A black gelding for Liz? Gorgeous of course!

With age appropriate energy and playfulness

He is also quick to get the idea to yield to pressure

and has gaits to die for

Lisa and Janie were back

Janie looks more like a dressage dame each time we see her

Adelheid and Miss Whis with real refinement

Whisper continuing the value of outward flexion theme of this clinic

Peter looking so very straight and square on Seeker

Anne and Prime getting some nice flexion at the hip

Impressive softness in this lovely looking trot, Anne

Big horse, big canter

Anne’s turn to canter and on Prime this takes a bit of courage

Liz looks like she’s having a lot of fun on Ally

They did lots of soft, forward, square stop practice

Day 2 Rick tried the dressage saddle with Badger

The closer contact may have helped with response from Badger and he looks great in English!

Loro with a little attitude and a lot of concentration

These two are definitely to be watched – what a partnership already

I’d be grinning too, riding this trot

Not to mention this canter

Pumpkin riveted to the action – before his little oops

Iga and Foxy in full concentration

This trot gets a big smile

Since Farah declined to attend, Robin and Elise got in lots of canter (with attitude)

Some terrific counter canter work

Even some lengthenings!

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