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Joyce Scott

April 2012

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Liz does lots of bending Claire


Claire seems to get bigger as she gets more supple


Jana was back looking for ways to keep Binki comfortable, like these stretches


He looked so nice and round here in all dimensions!


Terry also checked out Binki for Jana


Whisper has really matured and settled down quite a bit and Adelheid still grins while they work


Then again, the personality is still all Whisper


Liz seems taller on Ally and I love this bend


Elise shows off Robinís amazing over reach


Tegan is much softer and offering more flexion for Abby


Tegan really has achieved huge improvement Ė look at that stride!


Caprice had a chance to work Mel with Terry


Terry definitely got Melís attention working toward a less agitated response on that right eye


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