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Joyce Scott

October 2015

Photography by Joyce Scott

Jennifer started off the day with Mana – and clearly enjoyed her ride

Look at that stretch!

Lisa and Phil discussed methods with Terry and then got to work

It was all in the bend for Phil

Then it was the Grey class with Anne and Liz where Terry checked out Ally’s throughness to prepare for the piaffe

Ally’s athleticism sometimes makes it difficult to get the result Liz is seeking

But they keep at it and it shows

Next Terry checks out Lucero for Anne

After some explanation and suggestions

Anne gets to try some new tools to get the softness she wants

Iga, Foxy and Terry’s hands on approach

and it looks like it gets results

A small ham gets in the way – why is it I never have to retouch his photos?

I like how square Rick sits in the saddle with Badger

and that there is more energy and responsiveness on Badger’s part each clinic

Nice stretch, Loro!

Does that ever look like fun

To me it looks like Liz and Loro have made great progress – what a nice partnership

This was Robin and Lilly’s first Terry experience so they took time to get acquainted

What a lovely mare – and she does get more relaxed and softer during the lesson

I can’t wait to see how these two progress

Domino has more forward at the walk every time Rick brings him

It shows at the trot as well and with a nice response to the bit

He’s stretchier as well

I didn’t get to watch Adelheid ride this time but she certainly looked happy to get started

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