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Joyce Scott

October 2013

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Terry and Heidi Knipe-Lyons worked together with Zoe to provide some continuity of methods while Romy is healing.


Understanding Zoe’s world takes time


Claire is beginning to look like a dressage horse in this lateral work – so hard for her


The relaxation in this big movement is wonderful to watch


Whisper preferred canter at this point and Adelheid just went with it so quietly and confidently


relaxation followed


Anne and Indy are looking great.


Ally is so forward now it is hard to imagine her hanging back


Elise brought Boomer – who said Quarter Horses don’t have the movement for dressage


Iga really showed how much work she has done and we could all see that Foxy is so much rounder and relaxed


Foxy has also improved at the walk – and I see lipstick


I didn’t get to see much of Lisa working with Zoe, but she sure looks like it was fun


Terry still had work to do to get Zoe ready to accept a rider


first ride since the trail incident and completely uneventful


Sheila Kumar brought her latest endurance mount – a gelding this time!


and he proved he could go and soften at the same time


Liz and Ally did lots of lateral prep on day two – this is getting so much better


I just love the intensity on both their faces


This is what I call jump


I love it when the camera catches Adelheid and Whisper flying


Foxy had her moments on Sunday which Iga handled with tact and confidence


To further assist Iga, Terry got on to feel the subtleties in Foxy


Boomer is such a sweet boy


Boomer can TROT!


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