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Joyce Scott

October 2012

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Lesley and Liz started out working on soft. Beijing counterbends nicely


while Liz and Claire do the longitudinal version with rein back.


Then Claire is on to trot with lateral bending assist.


Beijing’s trot is very photogenic!


Uh oh, Terry’s asking the tough questions again. Think, Jana…


This pattern work takes concentration.


Adelheid and Whisper at the floating trot.


Whisper seemed to find it more work to organize the legs in trot canter transitions.


I just couldn’t resist this photo – beautiful and so Ally!


Wow, Liz, good crossing in back, good reaching in front.


We had lunch while this young Percheron dragged the arena the old fashioned way.


Robin & Elise: Black horse, dark arena, bright sunshine. A photog’s nightmare, but this look at his canter was irresistible.


Lauren Doyle, visiting Videographer, was just as fascinated with this pair.


Anne Greco joined us for the first time on Indy, a 6 year old Thoroughbred


This pair does well at Eventing and she is working to improve his dressage skills.


In green horse class, Lisa Nielson worked with Devon but Elise is never far away.


Devon’s already used to the feel of a saddle on his back.


Romy and Zoe are starting over again with the saddling experience.


Zoe doesn’t look very concerned at this point.


By day two Indi seemed more relaxed and Anne did very well with Terry’s methods.


Birgit and Claire showing some flexibility in movement.


They are really progressing with that enormous canter.


Pumpkin, barn kitty extraordinaire, has a special assignment this clinic.


Go Pumpkin. Evict that rat from Jana’s car!


The connection that drew me to this portrait is so vital to both Romy and Corado.


It shows as he becomes more and more soft and willing under saddle.


Liz and Ally do lots and lots of lateral.


I find this Ally overreach pretty striking!


Lesley had Terry check out just how much Beijing does hang on the bit


so Terry was able to clarify and suggest some exercises.


At lunch time – it suddenly seemed like Romy and Zoe were ready for their first try at mounting.


Suddenly they were walking.


The expression on Romy’s face says it all.


Nancy had her turn on Binky on day two.


Nancy looks so composed and graceful in this canter


Whisper displayed some impressive aerial acrobatics on day two


She also put in some hard work.


Adelheid, if you ever had any doubts about your ability to sit a spook – have a close look at this terrific seat!


Looks like a YEEHAA!! moment for Elise and Robin


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