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Joyce Scott

October 2010

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Abby worked on more flexion with Tegan

I think she appreciated the good results.

I think Tegan has a beautiful shape and movement.

Um, did we mention Whisper’s expressive personality?

But when she and Adelheid settle down to work, they get a lot done.

Though she doesn’t lack for expression even at work!

Our audience is always diverse!

Alice is making great progress with Jackson getting nice soft compliance with her requests.

She’s also getting all the equipment in the right place at the right time.

I was late getting to Charlotte’s lesson so I apologize for the poor pictures, but she seems to be doing so well with Pirus.

And we love having her back at the clinics!

Corie shared a lesson with Lisa.

Bert has continued to be a handful and Corie coped amazingly well.

Lisa enjoys Gino getting round and loose.

Lisa was a sport to give Bert a try,

and he proved a handful for her as well!

Elise was looking for clarification of the concepts of collection, extension,  and self-carriage, among others.

Terry talked, demonstrated, and clarified.

Robin just kept on keepin’ on.

We were so happy to see Jana & Binki again!

Well, Jana’s expression says it all

Willow did fantastic work on Saturday, but was tired on Sunday so we went back to basic lateral work.

Joyce and Willow, the Irish pony, celebrated Halloween.

Even though Lesley is used to it, the size of Nina’s movement is startling.

Even in a deep bend, the forward is amazing!

Nina really concentrates when asked to balance, flex, and move! Great job Lesley!

Ally was recovering from an abcess – so Liz worked carefully.

Haunches-in anyone?

Wow, look at this lateral work!

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