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Joyce Scott

March 2010

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

NCEFT Staff gets a new perspective

The ponies seem to llike it

and the staff soaks it up

Adelheid and Whisper are progressing so well!

and it is clear Adelheid enjoys every ride.

Of course it's Whisper's movement that has us all drooling.

Alice and Poco are back. Her foot is less ouchy - his is more, but he did great anyway

and brought a big smile to her face

Alison got to ride this adorable Icelandic mare.

More softness was showing up

and even more bend!

Elise and Robin did well and we all could see some genes in common with Whisper.

Robin is finally letting down again.

Elise's patience has really paid off with this horse.

Lesley borrowed Teddy for this clinic to refine his dressage a bit.

Lesley & Teddy with Teddy & Lesley.

Now that is bending!

The work leads to some nice looking trot moments.

Ally is finally back!

Liz has her looking fitter than ever!

Ally's trot once again takes our breath away.

Sally's turn on her adorable Icelandic mare

and the little mare continues to try to figure out this new stuff

Some of the flexion is really improving

Sara gets to work with her new youngster, Logan

He seems to gain awareness of Sara's requests quickly

A little work on ground manners always helps

Photography by Joyce Scott

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