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Joyce Scott

June 2015

Photography by Joyce Scott

and Jana Marquardt

Elf gets the Terry treatment – learning softness

Tish gets to practice with guidance

I got to see Loro this time and he is, as always, a treat!

Lots of bending work for Liz with Loro

Jana grabbed my camera and got Willow pix! Counterflexion was the word of the day for him.

Ah, I can see how much my upper body is forced forward here. A hip, a hip, my kingdom for a functioning hip!

Rick put Domino through his paces with lots of left canter lead work.

Domino tried his best – what a sweet horse

Next was the Gray class

Jana (the Grad) & Binki (still in training)

And Liz on Ally

Then Liz’s first time on Binki

Jana’s first time on Ally - and a huge grin!

Rick works on Badger’s left-lead lope

Foxy and Iga were beautiful to watch

Looking soft, relaxed, and very much in tune mentally

Maya and Jasmine continue to do so well

It is wonderful that they found each other

The Whisper “curl” is getting rarer

And her maturity more obvious

Last of the day – Elise with Robin

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