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Joyce Scott

February 2015

Photography by Joyce Scott

Domino’s walk has definitely gained energy

Terri looks more confident every clinic

Loro - the is impossible to photograph in this light, but the outline is unmistakable

Liz and Loro did lots of trot work looking for that reach into the bit

Maya rode Binki with Terry Church for the first time,

And they did some wonderful trot work

Mana needed a break from the saddle so Jennifer did her lesson bareback

Showing us how it should be done!

Elise and Robin at a very nice trot

Some impressive lateral work from Robin

Peter and Seeker working on the halt transition

Prime on the bend

Ann and Prime and Terry looking terrific

Seeker has an impressive trot

I didn’t get any shots of Rick, but Terry and Domino looked great at this trot

Loro had an opinion about the paint ball war next door

But he and Liz worked it out

And got down to business

Adelheid and a bendy Whisper

Jennifer with Mana …awwwwwwww

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