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Joyce Scott

February 2014

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Janie is a therapy horse at NCEFT. Janie wants to know if she has any dressage in her. Bending is the first step.


Pumpkin, as usual, is riveted to the action.


All kinds of lameness plagued this clinic, including my own and Ally’s, so Liz rode Niña.


Liz looked for tools to help Niña relax without stressing her injuries.


Adelheid and Whisper are working through injuries as well, but Whisper looked good during ride one.


Anne and Indy did some impressive work getting him relaxed over poles


Look at the difference!


Peter and Anne were new to Terry, so they started with ground work for Prime and Seeker.


Poll and shoulder yields were prep for work under saddle.


Oops, photographer momentarily distracted by miniature donkey play!


Outside flexion in tandem


Iga and Foxy concentrating deeply.


The hard work really shows each clinic.


Niña stayed sound and began to relax much more quickly on day two.


Nice work.


Elise suppling Robin before some intense lead work at the canter.


I don’t know if this is the moment he changed over the pole, but it was a lovely moment.


Wow, there’s a little dressage QH in there after all – nice changes for one clinic.


Ah yes, the dainty little colt Elise bred. Seems to have grown a bit this year.


Adelheid gets some extra body English from Terry for this shoulder-in.


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