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Joyce Scott

February 2013

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Liz rode Claire first, but still found the energy Ally needed


To produce some grin-inducing canter!


Then Adelheid added to the smiles with a very perky Whisper


and Whisper was steadier and more through than ever before.


Corado shows more relaxation every time we see him.


Romiís patience is really paying off.


Elise and Robin are also having great rides these days


but a Terry tune-up canít hurt.


With Terry on board, Robin sometimes flies.


Bonnie McCurdy attended her first clinic with Jack, a 3 year old Percheron Ė remarkably sensitive and responsive.


Jack was steady and willing under saddle.


Romy got her exercise encouraging Zoe to trot.


Terry lent energy to help Romy trot Zoe under saddle.


On day 2 Romy started Corado


then turned him over to Liz.


Adelheid and Whisper did lots of canter on day 2


and a little aerobatics.


Binki puts a BIG smile on Nancy


and gives her that illusive left lead canter


Claire is getting the hang of this Dressage stuff.




Romy and Zoe showed us some lateral exercises


and continued to have great success at the trot.


Terry put Robin through his paces with some canter at the end of the day


There was even some trot still in there, but he was tired.


Just enough gas left for Liz to give him a try.


Walk, trot and canter were all successful


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