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Joyce Scott

February 2012

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

What’s this – a jumbo version of Ally?


Seems Liz is on Claire, a Holsteiner Mare who is learning to soften rather than grab the bit and JUMP the big fences!


She certainly gallops…


Perhaps Tegan realized she faced moving on.


She does seem to have settled down a bit – steadier head for sure


Laura was back on Echo – a calmer version than last clinic


There seemed to be a Painted theme to this clinic.


Under the watchful Paint eyes, Liz rides their buddy Fling, a champion barrel racer


The revelation is that Liz gets new information on her body, seat, and use of aids from each horse.


Robin hasn’t gotten any less complex, and Elise has a tough first  ride this clinic.


In the young horse group, Marie Fox introduced us to Bentley.


Marie enjoys a really nice relaxed moment here.


Our first look at Elise/Tim’s new colt (Devon?). All legs and already way bigger than expected.


With all the activity and distractions, Tim and Devon still got the hang of the lead line exercises.


It looks to me like Adelheid and Whisper are concentrating on balance here. They look elegant!


Melissa and Matey showed how a really fit, comfortable horse can progress.


Birgit gets to see what Claire learned with Liz yesterday.


And there it is – nice softness in Claire.


Second ride, second day, good ride, but counter canter proved a bit difficult.


Echo was really working on day two and much more consistent. So much improvement over last year.


Shoulder-in 101 on day two for our young Whisper


There was a lot of flying going on when Adelheid


and Abby rode together!


Yet another Paint – this one a rescue – starts the Terry process.


And Liz gets the final ride: the third Paint in the group!


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