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Joyce Scott

April 2013

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott

Romy started off with some lateral ground work for Corado


Taia and Galen presented a very much more relaxed picture than I remember seeing last clinic


even at the mounting block


Shayna brought NCEFT resident Bentley – very handsome - for the first time but I couldn’t stay to see her work with him.


I missed most of Chris’ work with Romy’s girl Zoe as well but they did seem to get along nicely


Iga and Liz rode together on Foxy and Claire


It really looked like they were having a great time


and the work was impressive too.


Anne and Indy were back and he seemed to appreciate the opportunity to relax as he worked


It seemed like his trot really benefited too


and the canter was so very big


Elise and Robin are the poster children for the effectiveness of flexion


and Elise seems to love it when he levitates


Anne and Indy were the first pair I got to photograph on day 2


They did great work again


Liz and Claire showing off lateral progress


followed by a big expressive canter


Pumpkin is not riveted by the action, but very content…


When Romy brought out Zoe the second day, it took a while to settle at the mounting block – Romy is so patient with her


They went on to do lots of flexing for softness and relaxation


and the result was some willing trot!


Iga started Foxy with lots of counter flexion


Foxy had some lovely moments that showed her potential


Romy got some impressive trot from Corado on her second ride of the day


Liz and Ally with a perfect angle!


I think I caught a moment of lengthening - All I can say is WOW


Adelheid winding in the circle to try for some lengthening at trot


The exercise produced some lovely trot


Is there no end to the trot Elise will get out of Robin? It seems better every clinic.


Elise and Robin did lots of walk to canter transitions and I almost caught this one


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