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Joyce Scott

May 2016

Photography by Joyce Scott

Pre-ride consultation for Jennifer and Mana


No stirrups yet  but a saddle and good relaxation!


Enough for a really nice stretch


Liz and Loro using bend to discuss softness


I love this trot from Loro


Zoe getting to know the very still Palomino


Romi getting the shoulder to move, and lots of exercise


Romi helping Zoe reclaim that calmness and responsiveness she has demonstrated


Anne  and Lucero during pre-ride discussion. So well matched!


Liz and Ally in concentration


Anne and Lucero working on the same exercise


Ally progresses to more bend


and Lucero to more softness


Lucero has great attitude and try in this exercise


Terry and Lucero sharing the lateral bend


Ally still forward even in flexion, look at how little leg it takes!


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