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Joyce Scott

August 2013

Photography by Joyce Scott

Zoe started with a little anxiety to burn off


but the depth of her relaxation, given some time, was impressive


Lots of lateral for Liz and Ally


with plenty of body English on Terry’s part


Nice canter!


Pumpkin has his own style of clinic participation


Whisper started with a little extra personality


but behaved so very well under saddle


Iga and Foxy have come such a long way


There were lots more moments when she softened like this


I liked the crossing action Elise was getting from Robin here


I almost caught a canter transition


On day two saddling and bridling was much easier, quieter


Finally, a trot., and  what a trot!


Baby Que learns a few boundaries


How can you not love that face!


Lateral work seemed to be the theme this clinic and Whisper took her turn


with beautiful results so much enhanced by Adelheid’s confident, quiet riding


I love Ally’s length of stride and quiet tail


Almost perfect. I don’t think Liz planned the placement of this stop, but it made a great picture!


On day two Iga and Foxy revisited the importance of ground work


with great results in terms of softness and freedom of movement


Trot to


canter transitions were king on day two


but in the end it was lateral work that was the focus


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