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Joyce Scott

April 2015

Photography by Joyce Scott

Willow kept me from seeing much of Liz and Loro, but the few minutes I got were a treat

Rick and Badger – both looking relaxed

Badger tries really, really hard to figure it out

Rick pulled double duty this clinic, riding Domino as well

Liz and Adelheid rode the girls together

Whisper’s progress is nearly as impressive as Adelheid’s relaxed smile

The shared exercises really worked

How can you not love this Fjord that Tish rode

Maya rode Jasmine at NCEFT and in a clinic for the first time


And did a terrific job!

The camera loves Jennifer and Mana

I think it’s those eyes

Or maybe the gorgeous gaits

Or that they sometimes fly…

Terry puts body English on Robin and Elise

Finally – the light was good and the background beautiful for a memorable picture of Elise & Robin

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