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Joyce Scott

April 2011

Photography by Joyce Scott

Photography by Joyce Scott and Jana Marquardt

Charlotte brought Pirus back. They are progressing so well, but I don't get many pictures of them!


Liz and Ally concentrated on lateral movements


and lots of canter transition work


Liz and Ally both with happy expressions!


After a long rehab, Lesley definitely had a very excitable Nina to handle


And got more tools to use getting Nina’s attention and some calmness


Lesley and Nina had a much quieter time on Sunday


Abby and Tegan returned – and they found it much easier to get through the ground work this time.


And they are making great progress with the mounted work.


An unexpected visitor while Tegan warms up


Abby and Tegan in a nice bending trot


Lisa brought Dazzle to work with and Terry spent time seting some definite boundaries for this feisty mare.


Dazzle learned a lot more respect for her handler’s space.


In the young horse group, Adelheid was also looking for attention and cooperation from Whisper


Nice work getting that inside hip moving.


Adelheid gets a little help from Terry with Whisper’s attitude and attention.


It certainly seems to have helped!


It was so nice to have Jana and Binky back – I think they were happy about it too.


Jumping for joy?


Joyce and Willow did a lot of trot loosening work and Jana got pictures.


Liz and Joyce tried doing lateral work with Ally and Willow together.


Amanda and Titian were at their first clinic


They did some great work at the trot – look at that crossing motion!


Elise kept us laughing as she peppered Terry with questions


She still has her challenges with Robin, but he is so beautiful when he gets it.


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