May 2003  Back


Exactly where is Jana's shoulder, Binky?                                                                    Relaxation almost all the way to the tail              


            Gayle and Yvette satisfied our need for new blood                                           and both horses were tail powered


          History is made: Terry on Parfait!                                                       Parfait  e  x  t  e  n  d  s for Terry


                          Milo almost snoozes at the trot                                                     Carol, now that's what I call "jump"


Keep working on that shoulder, Carol                                                                       Milo and Carol fly


Alice sits back beautifully and stays in the arena this ride           Poco and Alice looked great at the posting trot


                 Adelheid and Parfait - day 1...                                                               with a little attitude



              Adelheid and Parfait day 2...                                                        what a difference a day makes!


          Chris has a sudden change of mount to Ceara                                who settles right down to the task


 and thinks hard about this turn on the forehand                                  Trina, who is this horse and what has he done with Mix?


                Trina and Mix relaxed and smiling                                                  You can tell by the tail that Mix is still in there


  Sorry Trina, I never did get Echo with all four feet on the ground!                    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww